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Brooklyn Farm

Zodiac Crystal Kit: Taurus

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Symbol: Bull

April 20th to May 20th

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Each crystal in the set has been chosen for its distinct attributes that are beneficial and help align the energy of those in the Sun or Moon sign Taurus . They are also beneficial to any sign during the Taurus Season, the Libra New Moon/Full Moon or any time you are in need of creativity in your life. Any set can be used for chakra healing and/or meditation.


Crystal Kit includes:

RhodoniteHeals emotional wounds, helping Taureans regain inner peace, stability, and balance.

JadePromotes the flow of money and fills Taureans with abundance and prosperity.

SeleniteEnhances mental clarity, allowing Taureans to remain focused and committed to their goals.

MalachitePromotes self-transformation and helps Taureans move outside their

comfort zone.

A Selenite wand for cleansing, charging and amplifying your stones.


    Natural plant/stone material

    Care Instructions