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Vintage Tin Earrings

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One of my other favorite items to make are vintage tin earrings. I almost exclusively use Daher tins during their 1952-1980 period when their tins were made in England and Holland. Daher's most recognizable tins are decorated with detailed floral and geometric designs, rich in color, and often including metallic inks and raised or embossed relief.

I pair the tin with a complimenting gemstone. I choose the shape to cut it based on how the metal speaks to me. 

Tin is under the dominion of the planet Jupiter. Tin, or Jupiter, brings health, wealth and affluence. It brings good cheer, warmth and generosity. Tin is sometimes called the 'breath of life. ' It represents the idea that the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Each pair of earring are handmade. Pictured item is the item you will receive. 

Made from natural materials and will vary in size and characteristics. *colors may appear slightly different based on monitor settings and/or devices. Allow for slight differences due to natural variations in minerals.


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions