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Brooklyn Farm

Se7en Chakra Cube

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Hand carved 7 stone permanently bonded 25-30mm cube.

Crystal shapes have meaning and purpose. The cube shape is for grounding. Cube crystals are used in order to stay well balanced, the combination of meditating and holding cube-shaped crystals in your hands can produce positive energy and connect you to the earth. It is also said that placing them in the corners of a room encourage the feeling of a protected space.

Crown Chakra: Violet: Amethyst Third Eye Chakra: Indigo: FluoriteThroat Chakra : Light Blue: Turquoise Heart Chakra: Green: AventurineSolar Plexus: Yellow: CitrineSacral Chakra: Orange: CarnelianRoot Chakra: Red: Jasper

All Brooklyn Farm stone products are cleansed and charged before they are shipped.


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions