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Lepidolite Obelisk

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Lepidolite is amazing for balancing emotion. It radiates peaceful and calming energies. Lepidolite can help to dissipate stress and anxiety, and promote restful sleep. It is a soothing presence in the face of change and new beginnings. Lepidolite can dissipate negativity, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness. Lepidolite is a great aid in spiritual journeys.

Lepidolite tower 6”, 1.2lb 

All Brooklyn Farm stone products are cleansed and charged before they are shipped.

 Made from natural stones and will vary in size and characteristics. *colors may appear slightly different based on monitor settings and/or devices. Allow for slight differences due to natural variations in minerals.


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions