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Brooklyn Farm

Gemstone Tree of Life

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Trees represent nature in its purest form. Trees are gentle yet strong. It is a compliment to be rooted like a tree. Trees are life giving. They absorb the toxins and give us the gift of air. Without trees, life is diminished. The Tree of Life or Universal Tree of Life connects all forms of creation.

Our gemstone trees pay homage to the beauty, strenth, connection and eduring resolution that is the tree. Each stone is hand selected and each trunk, branch and root is hand curved. The leaves that mark the passing of time and seasons are represented by genuine crystals and minerals to breathe life into your space.

Each tree is handmade and custom, meaning no two are alike you may choose the metal and stone options avaliable or choose the Crytsal Quartz option for the size and finish and discuss your desired color or intention and what stone represents that in the custom text field. 


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions