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Eucalyptus Smudge

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Eucalyptus Leaves has many uses and benefits. From medicinal use to incense.

Eucalyptus Smudge Sticks are traditionally used for protection, spiritual cleansing and Healing. Eucalyptus has a natural ability to dispel negative energies from its immediate environment. It is an extremely powerful cleansing tool, especially when used before rituals or to cleanse alters.

It works to renew, purify and heal while alleviating mental exhaustion. Eucalyptus is also known to help reduce symptoms of congestion and releasing tension. The chemical compound in Eucalyptus that produces the wonderful smell is called Eucalyptol.  Eucalyptol is a powerful therapeutic oil. Eucalyptus can also be placed in the bathroom where steam from showers can release its aroma.

Great to use in your ritual practices, potpourri, or as a simple aroma for health care or relaxation.

Each smudge bundle is 4 - 5" long and hand tied.

Stock Photo. Made from natural materials and will vary in size and characteristics. *colors may appear slightly different based on monitor settings and/or devices. Allow for slight differences due to natural variations in minerals.


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions