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Blue Sage Smudge

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Blue Sage is a hardy bush found in the deserts of the Southwest. It’s a close relation to White Sage but with a lighter 'fresher' smoke with floral overtones. It's named for its abundant blue flowers, but the leaves also have a blue-ish tint. It has thin leaves and a herbaceous and floral fragrance, not unlike Lavender. However, with it's more gentle fragrance we like to call its smell "diet lavender" 

Blue Sage is used to purify, and/or cleanse negativity. In addition to cleansing this sage is commonly burned for meditation or just enjoyment. Many users of White Sage, who can find the fragrance overpowering, prefer the lighter smell of Blue Sage.

Move around the space you want to cleanse the energy, ensuring the incense smoke reaches each corner of the room, stating out loud or internally your intentions.

Each smudge bundle is 4 - 5" long and hand tied.

Stock Photo. Made from natural materials and will vary in size and characteristics. *colors may appear slightly different based on monitor settings and/or devices. Allow for slight differences due to natural variations in minerals.


Natural plant/stone material

Care Instructions